Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

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Get involved while you are learning at North Arkansas College. Student organizations join people together, create an opportunity for developing new ideas, discover hidden talents, cultivate interpersonal skills and provide a way to accomplish collectively what cannot be done individually.

Many alumni recall their involvement in a student organization as a memorable and valuable part of their collegiate experience.

Current Active Clubs and Organizations

Beta Mu Chapter of Kappa Beta Delta International Honor
— Contact: Paula Melton, 870-391-3128,

CPI Student Leadership Council — Contact: Rebecca Martin, 870-391-3152,

Cave Region Review — Contact: Tim Coone, 870-391-3224,

Carpentry Club — Contact: David Zirkle, 870-391-3163,

Chess Club — Contact: Austin Womack,

Criminal Justice Club — Contact: Schan Weisman, 870-391-3545,

E-sports — Contact: James "Logan" Amos, 870-391-3298,

HVACR Club — Contact: Jeff Smith, 870-391-3382,

MLT Club — Contact: Sherry Gibbany, 870-391-3288,

Agri Club — Contact: Michelle Buchanan, 870-391-3149,

Baseball Club — Contact: Karsten Leigvold, 303-720-2283,

Men's Basketball — Contact: Jordan Hunter, 417-840-6588,

FBLA Collegiate — Contact: Janet McMurrin, 870-416-4119,

Rad Tech Club — Contact: Suzanne Woods, 870-391-3319,

RN Student Nurses Association — Contact: Jennifer Feighert, 870-391-3261,

Skills USA — Contact: Jeff Smith, 870-391-3382,

STEM Club — Contact: Faron Usrey, 870-391-3562,

Business & IT Leadership Institute — Contact: Lana Fowler, 870-391-3184,

Students Supporting Students — Contact: Shay Lehn, 870-391-3276,

Women's Basketball — Contact: Bobby Howard, 870-391-3282,

Softball Club — Contact: Seychelle Mahoney, 870-391-3286,
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